The Voice Mall

The Voice Mall
The Voice mall
Web app development
Project Description
The Voice Mall is a platform that has been meticulously created to be a one-stop solution for all of the voice over, video production, content authoring and translation needs of clients from all walks of life. You might be looking for a voice over talent, making an audio book, or needing a jingle for your next project or movie. The Voice Mall features a plethora of professional voice over recording services to help you achieve what you want in the most convenient way possible. The Voice mall team has worked tirelessly to develop this user-friendly website. We have assisted over 10,000 professional voice overs, video production artists, content writers, and translators in advancing to the point where they can demonstrate their abilities. Voice mall provides video production, music production, voice over recording service, audio book and translation services or other services voice mall has, check on website.
  • Typescript
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Jquery
  • Design

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