Magento Development Services

Being a top-rated Magento( Adobe Commerce Cloud ) development agency, reputed solutions partner, and premier extension builder. We provide Magento Development services that guarantee diverse functionality and a smooth customer experience. Build your eCommerce store and make it grow with an award-winning Magento development company.

Magento Development Life Cycle

3S IT Services adopts both agile and DevOps simultaneously in the software development lifecycle. In this development methodology, the Project Manager, Developers, Designer, and QA work together at every stage with genuine feedback. Due to team collaboration, software development has low risk.

  • Magento Software Planning and Wireframing
  • Magento Software Development and Implementation
  • Magento Software Testing and Feedback
  • Information Gathering and Analyzing Data
  • Magento Software Prototype and Designing
  • Magento Software Deployment and Maintenance

Why Choose Magento For Online Store Development?

We are aware of the fact that eCommerce is having fast-paced growth that changes rapidly. In such a scenario, you have to wisely choose a platform that is capable of responding appropriately.

The answer itself is Magento.

Whether you have a small or a large business, Magento is scalable as per your need. It adapts to all the requirements because of its flexibility.

Moreover, Magento development supports mCommerce across multiple web browsers and devices.

Build a Scalable Store

You can build a scalable store for your customer wherein you can manage multiple storefronts by a single dashboard.

Manage Multiple Storefronts

Supports easy management of multiple storefronts with a single back-end.

Target Omnichannel

Magento acquires customers from more than one mode with centralized data management.

Access Flexible APIs

The Magento web API framework provides integrators and developers the means to use web services that communicate with the Magento development system.

Create Robust Architecture

Easier to comprehend services with fewer dependencies with the help of service-oriented architecture.

Fast Rendering

Supports a varnish cache which leads to a fast page load.

Real-Time Security

The security scan tool is available to gain insight into the real-time security status of the store.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization allows customers to transform and serve images closer to our users.

Multiple Payment Methods

Supports a variety of payment methods, services, and gateways as per your business requirement.

Leverage Ready-to-Use Extensions

Multiple extensions are available to integrate various functionality. It’s extremely convenient for Magento users.

Offline Service

Script service workers to ambush every network request and server response when the user is offline.

Open Source Platform

Magento is an open-source platform, so devise your store as you aspire.

Our Magento Development Services

3S IT Services, a Magento development company provides a range of Magento services. We are known for our premium extensions but not limited to that we do provide end-to-end Magento e-commerce services as well. 

Our modular development approach provides “easy to upgrade” and easy to scale.  Our customization and solutions are meant for higher performance and scalability. 

Custom Magento 2 Development

We understand that with time and constant changes in technology trends, it is just not enough to keep online stores static. Also, with the growing use of digitalization, customers are expecting and demanding more from an eCommerce store. We offer a wide range of customizations meeting the mindsets and expectations of our clients. It helps to deliver the best shopping experience to your customer by fulfilling their needs.

Magento Marketplace Development

Planning to set up an eCommerce Online Marketplace on Magento? Well, you’ve landed at the right place. We assure you to render your assistance and develop an exquisite Online Marketplace as you like. Most of you must have thought that why only Magento development? Why not any other platform for online marketplace development?

Magento 2 Theme Development

Choosing an appropriate theme for your website is extremely acute. The reason is, customers nowadays are fond of appealing online stores. Also, analysis depicts that a UI affects the customer traffic of an online store. Bitter but it’s true! An appealing store will encounter more customer traffic than an online store that barely uses any attractive UI elements. Optimized themes are very essential for the store in terms of mobile SEO and definitely speed optimization. Thus, experience a store that is extremely feature-rich with enhanced usability.

Magento Migration Services

Migrations are hard and difficult, 3S IT Services offers end-to-end migration services. Either it’s from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or Adobe commerce cloud ( ECE ). Not limited to that we do provide migration from other platforms to Magento

  • Woocommerce to Magento Migration
  • Shopify to Magento Migration
  • Prestashop to Magento Migration
  • Opencart to Magento Migration
  • Bigcommerce to Magento Migration
  • Easy migrations Without affecting SEO

Magento B2B Development

We’ve left the period costume of the brick-mortar stores behind and thrived on with B2B Commerce. The reason is, it is the need of the hour as business entrepreneurs are trying to match up with the competitive edge. In the eCommerce sphere in terms of sales and revenue; and so, what better than switching your business to B2B? Moreover, when talking of B2B, we cannot miss out on mentioning the two of its main players – the sellers and the buyers, of course! Sellers and buyers all around the globe connect with each other and thus carry out business transactions.

Magento 2 React Development

3S IT Services offers Magento 2 React development services that enable the development of a progressive user interface for eCommerce websites. It uses react as a frontend framework with Magento 2 platform to develop the best eCommerce business solutions.

We provide headless development services, marketplace development services, PWA development services, and Next.JS development services by taking advantage of Magento 2 React development.

3S IT Services comes up with the Magento 2 React-based solutions that help businesses to develop solutions with highly responsive user interfaces, user friendly to search engines, easily testable, and better in performance.

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