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Xamarin is a very powerful robust development tool that is used for Hybrid as well as native applications. Xamarin’s intention is to help developers create UIs that are solitary to each platform, and generate components that can be used again easily on another platform, by using the C# programming language.

The attraction of Xamarin is that one can go along with a single code and reuse the same principle to develop apps on different platforms or devices. As a leading Xamarin development company in India, we offer the best and most reliable Xamarin app development services to our clients according to their needs.

3S IT Services Xamarin Development Services

As a leading Xamarin development company, we specialize in genuinely native-like experience Xamarin development backed by enterprise mobility and code reusability for faster time to market. The Xamarin app developed by us looks and feels native across different platforms as they are built using C# which provides platform-specific functionalities and native app performance. We also help enterprises integrate Xamarin apps with cloud, IoT, and analytical solutions and create a real-time business environment.

Mobile App Development

Our solutions have evolved into new standards of enterprise mobile application development by being platform agnostic. As a top Xamarin development company, we focus on reduced production time, single-code base, high performance, and cross-platform compatibility. We deliver the best native app experiences through our services by developing cross-platform mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, with native user interfaces and a single shared .NET codebase.

Migration and Upgradation

Our Xamarin development team leverages a single source code repository for multiple platforms, allowing quality migration of your enterprise application from its native platform to Xamarin. Additionally, our professionals conduct a cloud migration assessment before migrating your native app to the cloud. We can also help you with upgrading to the latest Xamarin version in a pre-defined TAT (Turn Around Time) to ensure speed, efficiency, and enhanced security.


Our Xamarin developers are capable of setting up a Visual Studio App Center, making it easy for you to understand your Xamarin mobile application performance. You’ll gain insights on user activities, devices connected, app time, and much more. You will also gain insight into how your costs are incurred if you are using a pay-as-you-go service model on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Test Cloud

We can also test the consistency of your app using Xamarin TestCloud. Developers at 3S IT Services take advantage of Xamarin’s Test Cloud for quality assurance and easily scaling automated mobile tests across many devices. Test Cloud allows our Xamarin experts to automatically test your application on hundreds of real devices using a cloud-based framework.

Xamarin Forms Development

Our solutions in Xamarin development manifest elegance paired with high-end usability that only Xamarin.Forms toolkit offers. We add top-notch functionality to mobile apps with the help of platform-independent coding and prototyping techniques of Xamarin Native or Xamarin Classic development. Our developers exemplify the reusability to develop platform-specific user interfaces cost-effectively in a single development environment.

mHealth Solution

3S IT Services has extensive experience in creating Xamarin-based mHealth solutions for health diagnostics purposes. For developing healthcare mobile apps that run across various devices, we use Xamarin as a trustworthy cross-platform development resource. The apps developed by us offer a diagnosis of various health parameters via a mobile phone and connect to clinicians, lab researchers, primary care specialists, and patients. Our apps also have analytic functions that help providers deliver better experiences for surgical patients.

Tools and Technologies We Use For Xamarin App Development

With complete support from Microsoft, our Xamarin developers suggest the tech stack which best suits your business objectives.

Dot Net

A cross-platform development platform to build many different types of applications.

App Center Test

A test automation service for native and hybrid mobile apps.


A modern object-oriented programming language suitable for developing web pages, Android applications, etc.


A UI framework for building native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, completely in XAML.


A software framework developed to quickly build cross-platform apps part of the dot Net foundation.

Visual Studio

An integrated development environment to build and debug modern web and cloud apps.


An open-source database management system that’s available for mobile operating systems.


An open-source SQL and lightweight database administration system that takes a small amount of disk space.

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